Your Appointment


Before booking an appointment you should see your local GP or optometrist for a referral. A referral is the written medical advice from a clinical body or primary care provider referring you for further consultation, review, or action with a specialised practitioner. A referral is very helpful for our doctors to have some history and information about your current medical condition from your primary care provider. Also, you are only eligible for Medicare rebates with a valid referral, which needs to be re-issued every 12 months from a GP or optometrist, or every three months in the case of a specialist referral. Our doctors prefer referrals to be updated every 12 months so that they are kept up to date with the condition of your eyes and also your general health. Referrals must be in writing, signed by the referring practitioner and dated.

What is an Orthoptist?

When you arrive for your appointment you will see an Orthoptist prior to seeing your doctor. The Orthoptist is a university-trained clinician who performs highly specialised tests of vision function. It is a requirement that you see the Orthoptist first as it assists the doctor in their clinical assessment.

Waiting Times

As advised on your appointment confirmation letter, waiting times may be up to 2 hours. This is often the case in the speciality of Ophthalmology. Please be patient and if you are unable to wait for this amount of time, please advise our reception staff and your appointment will be rescheduled. Waiting can be due to a number of factors. Patients may have multiple or complicated eye conditions. The dilation of your pupils can take 20-30 minutes and additional diagnostic tests may be required to assist the doctor in reaching a diagnosis. We often have emergency patients that are in peril of losing their sight. These patients are seen immediately or as soon as possible. Emergency appointments are allocated for each session but occasionally more than these are needed.


Payment on the day of the consultation is required. We accept Cash, Eftpos and Credit Card. You are eligible for some Medicare rebates with a valid referral.

Driving Home

Drops may be used to dilate your pupils during your consultation. These drops will blur your eyes, affecting your near vision. It may take approximately three hours for your vision to return to normal. We suggest you avoid driving during this time and recommend you have someone drive you home. Sunglasses will help to minimize the glare caused by dilated pupils.