Our New Procedures. COVID19

Due to COVID19 we now have new policy's and procedures in place for the well-being of all of our patients, staff and doctors.

Any consultations that are not urgent are being placed on hold. We will continue to see patients requiring acute care and ongoing treatment for sight threatening disease.

We are conducting Telehealth consultations via phone and video, particularly for high risk elderly patients. We have a thorough screening process prior to making any appointments requiring physical attendance.

Any person presenting to the practice is screened for fever with a non-contact thermometer. We have installed a very high Perspex screen at reception as a droplet barrier between patients and reception staff.

All staff have undertaken training re COVID19. Our staff and Doctors all wear a mask. Clinical staff and Doctors wear eye protection. Our clinical staff and Doctors are limiting all consultations to less than 15 minutes. Patients are being advised to attend the clinic alone, unless they require a carer/are the parent of a minor.

Patients are asked to wear a mask if they one.

On arrival, patients are asked to return to their car. We then telephone the patient as soon as we are clear to admit them. On arrival, patients are being asked to wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds – a chart showing best practice hand hygiene is in the bathroom.

Hand sanitiser is available in a number of locations.

Patients are being monitored to ensure they maintain social distancing of 1.5metres from others.

We are thoroughly cleaning all equipment between patients.

Hourly wipe downs of all door handles, light switches, hand rails etc with methylated spirits (95% ethanol).

We are no longer accepting cash payments, and staff will not be handling patient’s medicare or other cards.

We have transitioned to a more paperless practice to limit possible surface contamination through files.

We have divided staff into Team B1 and Team B2 who will work alternate days at the clinic/from home. If one team is exposed to COVID-19, the other team will not have been exposed and we will provide our usual high level of service.

We appreciate your patients and understanding during this difficult time

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