About Our Clinic

We have a team of dedicated and experienced Ophthalmologists, each with their own field of specialty. Whether you have been diagnosed with corneal disease, cataract, glaucoma or another eye condition, we have an expert who can help. Our doctors have experience treating patients from all age groups.

Our friendly reception team will happily lead you in the direction of the right Ophthalmologist to suit your needs. Emergency appointments can be made available at each of our two clinics.

What to expect when you book an appointment

There’s no need to feel apprehensive about your eye examination. At Bayside Eye Specialists you will find a friendly, welcoming practice that is worlds away from a clinical hospital environment. Our doctors are focussed on your needs and will provide you with all the information you require to make the right decision in managing your eye health.

We focus on patient care and communication

Think of your doctor as your health advocate. We listen to your needs before we recommend a treatment option to ensure you get the outcome that’s right for you.

Dedicated Ophthalmology specialists

Our Ophthalmologists regularly speak at conferences in Australia and overseas, and all our doctors attend conferences to stay up to date with new developments in their respective fields.

When you attend one of our clinics, you don’t have to travel elsewhere for diagnostic testing. We have state of the art Ophthalmology equipment, allowing us to carry out tests and examinations thoroughly.